Meet Beth Bongar: The Laughing Diva

My Workshops will make your Soul Smile. Laughter Wellness is a revolutionary idea: Practice happiness!

Play with Beth! “Well, what about your being?” Your WELLBEING? Laughter Wellness is the secret to happiness and productivity!

“Beth is an amazing instructor! After just 1 hour, I felt better than I have in a long time and have been spontaneously laughing for days afterwards. She taught me dozens of valuable exercises I can use in any situation to regain my joy. Thank you!”

Find the Laughing Diva within you!

My unique workshops combine theatrical techniques and improvisation, visualization, exercise, mime, juggling, storytelling, and FUN!

Laughter Yoga isn’t about jokes, being funny or even having a sense of humor – it’s about intentional laughter combined with breathing exercises that triggers healthy physical changes in the body. It is a scientifically proven method with many health benefits!

Discover for yourself how good it feels to laugh again and how you can use Laughter Yoga for corporate wellness programs, conferences, seminars and event kicking-off big events.

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