What if you could literally laugh your stress away? You can! I’ll show you how!

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Stop stressing and start breathing!

Look around you — at work, at home, within your community. Is everyone stressed? Are they drained and deflated? Worked up and tapped out? Are you?

Believe it or not, there’s a holistic, scientifically proven solution for stress that doesn’t involve pills, punching bags, or pulling your hair out…

THE HAPPINESS WORKOUT is my unique blend of interactive exercises based on the fundamentals of laughter yoga, cognitive psychology, and positive thinking. It combines elements of breath work with improvisation, cooperative games, body language, visualization, brain games, physical play to produce an immediate experience of inner joy and positivity.

Like any new goal, all it takes is the right training and some practice to strengthen your mind muscles. You’ll even burn calories! But unlike traditional exercise, it’s seriously fun.

Aside from the radical stress reduction and boost in mood, Happiness Workout practitioners have described these side effects:

  • obscene amounts of FUN
  • decreased shyness, inhibition, and anxiety
  • unexpected bonding with co-workers, bosses, kids, in-laws
  • improved energy, mental clarity, and focus
  • a renewed sense of “sparkle” (a.k.a. inspiration, empowerment, and confidence)
  • increased ease, lightness, relaxation, and release
  • an expanded self-awareness and self-expression
  • a noticeable shift from negative to positive thoughts
  • unexpected calories burned
  • a natural high or “aliveness”
  • “cheese face” — a slight stiffness that occurs from smiling too much

All kidding aside, laughter yoga is an easy, effective, and scientifically proven way to get centered and turn on your happiness switch. It’s already there inside you. I’ll give you the roadmap.

The SIDE EFFECTS of happy.


What is The Happiness Workout?
It’s not some kooky, “woo-woo” concept. It really works! Laughter yoga is a proven method of engaging the breath to stimulate positive changes in your brain patterns. You’ll be amazed by the results.

Here’s How


WORK your funny bone! Is your work life consumed with complaints and negativity? Is everyone going through the motions? We can totally change that! But someone has to take the lead. What’s it worth to you?


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