A Happiness Workout ?

The Happiness Workout and The Happiness Blueprint are revolutionary ideas. It turns out that anybody anywhere can achieve some level of happiness: all it takes is a little practice!

Beth Bongar has inspired and helped countless companies around the world to increase their happiness factor by working with company culture and individual happiness empowerment. The happiness factor is a key ingredient in team-building and collaboration.

The Happiness Blueprint proves that a positive and empowering workplace culture is a blueprint for achieving corporate success — and The Happiness Workout provides a simple path to engaging each person’s happiness factor (we all have it!). One interesting finding: by concentrating on the happiness of those around you, you can dramatically increase your own.

Find the Happiness Within You!

Beth Bongar’s Happiness Blueprint features unique workshops combining theatrical techniques with improvisation, visualization, exercise, body language, juggling and brain games, group storytelling, and adult play for relaxation and energy boosting.

Employee Training, Corporate Seminars, TV and Radio Shows.

Workshops for Retreats and Corporate Wellness Programs, Conferences and Team Building.

Ongoing support to maintain your corporate culture as happy as it can be.

Be the Happiest Company in the World!

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