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Stressed New Yorkers need laughter, and lots of it!

According to the American Psychological Association New Yorkers burdened with money and work issues in this stagnating economy are more stressed than the average US city dweller. The stressed New Yorker has little or no time or energy to make lifestyle changes that help relieve stress. So “extract” fifteen minutes out of your busy corporate schedule to smile and laugh (even if you fake it). You’ll feel rejuvenated. And for more prolonged relief, go find a Laughter Club near you!

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  1. Laughter Yoga – Laugh your way into a new job
    The Laughing Diva’s Laughter Yoga club on the upper west side in New York is a superb and beneficial method which gives you tools and an enjoyable atmosphere while you are busy with the tight schedules of work. Laughing Diva’s Laughter Yoga in New York is based on the thesis of “action causes the emotion” and it is a great idea that it would increase the production of endorphins in the brain, hence boosting the qualified hormone of happiness. It is is a form of yoga in which the causeless laughter is in the foreground. This is a very good exercise to make your first artificial laughter to get converted into real laughter. The Laughing Diva’s Laughter Yoga in New York exercises are a combination of stretching and breathing exercises, combined with balls and play and rhythmic exercises that help you laugh.
    When Laughter Yoga is laughter without using jokes, the effect of laughter is merely laughter, regardless of the reason. It is therefore not necessary to have humor, especially in a busy place like New York, instead have a dedicated mind. Through eye contact and group dynamics, it’s possible to have a real laugh that spreads. “We do not laugh because we’re happy – we’re happy because we laugh!” This quote is so very true and you’ll certainly realize as you join Laughing Diva’s sessions.
    The participants of Laughing Diva’s sessions in New York express happily that they not only had a more positive mood, but also freer and more creative in thinking ways. Laughing Diva’s sessions highly encouraged me to cultivate the laughter outside the Laughter Yoga sessions and laugh daily if possible. The basic thing to do is to laugh at least 20 minutes three times a day. While cooking , cleaning . showering. While that may strange, Beth Bongar say’s practice even silently because it is very essential for a person to have a better quality of life. Laughter Yoga is the best preventive medicine with no contra-indications.

    Laughing Diva’s Nyc meetup in New York is based on the strategy or technique of psychotherapy aimed at producing mental and emotional benefits through laughter. This yoga can also be used as a therapy because it does heal certain health issues, and in some cases, this has achieved positive cures. It is generally the practice sessions where the Laughing Diva’s meet up and workshops on Laughter Yoga are taking advantage of the happiness to get spread from person to person.
    It is important to learn to laugh at yourself, to the incomplete capacities of human beings for the lifetime. Although the society teaches to laugh of the other rather than with each other, I learnt the significance of laughing for self-growth and motivation is greatly possible by way that Laughing Diva’s explains why and how to laugh even though we do not feel good. When I was in New York, I noticed that it helps dramatize life situations, apart from developing the competitive spirit and promoting optimistic mindset. So, people who are suffering from stress, just learn Laughing Diva’s Laughter Yoga techniques to have a better view of you, environment and the available possibilities.
    When you start using laughter yoga as healing technique, you will also start to believe in the power hidden in you for so long and this is what the main thing been achieved by me. As a result, I was able grab the chance to influence the body and mind, especially in the state of happiness and cheerful mood, which creates a favorable predisposition for physical as well as mental healing. The Laughing Diva’s Laughter Yoga is recommended as a complementary practice for the highly effective removal of depression.
    Laughter Yoga has been practiced with the main motivation to bring on intellectual pursuits, spiritual well-being and good health for the New York citizens. Currently, Laughing Diva’s Laughter Yoga style of activity has proven effective to increase my IQ, improve memory and even boost the working of the brain. Other styles of Yoga also provide various benefits to mental and physical health of its practitioners, still, why did I opt to do Laughing Diva’s Laughter Yoga? This is because it’s perhaps a quick way of improving emotional intelligence and immune system by way of laughing. One among the most common merits of Laughing Diva’s Laughter Yoga are relieving stress and lowering of blood pressure.
    Laughing Diva’s Skype lessons of Laughter Yoga had contributed a greater role in my stress removal and of people who have practiced it including me and hope you’ll also enjoy and attain the maximum benefits possible. I‘ve been taught to control my anger and stay relaxed with a deep breathing technique alongside laughter.
    The skype Id is LAUGHINGDIVA1
    Also, visit the Youtube channel link:
    The Laughing Diva’s Laughter club takes place every Monday night at 6PM at 4west 78th street in the Universalist Sanctuary and you can see it on LaughingDiva NYC meetup.
    Let’s laugh out loud to have a happy life!


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