YOU’RE why I do this work!


I’m Beth Bongar. I get to have fun for a living by teaching you to breathe, laugh, and access your happiness. My unique set of skills and infectious energy make my workshops unlike any others you’ll find. -Actress –Acting out –Circus –My people.


I have always had an oversized sense of humor and a calling toward adventure. At 19 years old, I ran away to join the circus. I certified as a Laughter Yoga Teacher by world-renowned physician Dr. Madan Kataria, who founded the Laughter Yoga movement in 1995. I have been laughing my whole life. I struggled with severe AD/HD throughout childhood and at 19 i ran away and joined the circus, where i became a professional clown and learned to juggle. As part of my training i studied mime with Marcel Marceau, theater arts at California Institute of the Arts, and acting with numerous well-known coaches, including Stella Adler, Sheila Gray and Elizabeth Browning. I have led Laughter Yoga workshops for a number of companies including Adventures for Women (Colorado), the Big Cat Habitat (Florida), Open Assembly. To find out more about me please visit my whole website. Feeling stressed? lost your laughter and magic sparkle? life is special, this workshop probably is going to ‘re-ignite the fire within you’, Fun, Female & Fearless!” not the same, boring, cookie-cutter event, then shake things up and bring this high-energy, dynamic, full-of-life woman who is committed to I like it !

The Laughing Diva difference

Unlike others, my exercises are entirely customized to your audience. So, while the work stems from a core set of principles, every workshop is entirely unique. I also incorporate theater games based on improvisation and storytelling techniques that enhance the benefits and ensure there’s never a dull moment!


Hear my podcast on One Radio Network and learn how to laughing away pain, illness, and depression.–the-power-of-laughter