“The Happiness Workout” is a scientifically proven method to increase one’s  Happiness, because happiness is a muscle that needs to be exercised.    



 Be amazed at how much your audience will love this show and workshop.

They will leave, not only having been entertained and stimulated, but more importantly, with a very usable set of tools to make them happier.

 I am a high-energy dynamic performer, who is a full-of-life woman committed to teaching happiness in an  educational, entertaining interactive show.

YOU’RE why I do this work!

My shows are customized to your audience as far as content and time go.

So, while the work stems from a core set of principles, All my shows and workshops are unique.

I incorporate many modalities, so the medicine goes down with a spoonful of sugar.


 Theater games for audience participation, storytelling techniques and circus skills, team building and rocking music that enhances the benefits and ensures there’s never a dull moment!