I’m Beth Bongar. I get to have fun for a living by teaching you to breathe, laugh, and access your happiness—regardless of your circumstances.

Working with me isn’t just something to do—it’s an experience!

My unique set of skills and infectious energy make my workshops unlike any others you’ll find. In every workshop and with every person, my goal is to shake things up. We need that! It’s so easy to get stuck in the cycle of our lives, so the whole idea is to break the pattern, jolt the system, and show our minds and bodies what they’ve been missing.

My program, THE HAPPINESS WORKOUT combines proven scientific and psychological research with 25 years of entertainment and laughter yoga experience to deliver positivity-packed programs that educate and inspire as much as they entertain.


I developed an oversized sense of humor early on by using laughter to cheer up my grandmother. I loved making people happy through humor, and that positive reaction was addicting.

I struggled throughout childhood with what we now know to be ADHD, and often acted out to manage my restlessness, express my creativity, or to simply get attention. When I picked up three balls and learned to juggle, I had no clue how much it would eventually teach me about achieving balance in my life.

“Juggling Life”

I always had a calling toward adventure and felt that there was more to life than the status quo. So, at 19 years old, I packed up and joined the circus. That’s not a joke—I really ran away and joined the circus! I was fearless.


I became an official Ringling Bros. clown, learned to juggle, and studied mime and body language with the legendary, Marcel Marceau. After two years at SVA, I went to California Institute of the Arts, where I got my BFA in theater.

I continued expanding my performing arts repertoire studying acting under renowned teachers Stella AdlerSheila Gray, and Elizabeth Browning. I also studied jazz and tap, performed standup comedy at Caroline’s, studied improvisation at the famed Second City in Chicago, booked roles in film and television, and even starred in my very own one-woman off Broadway show!

I loved making others laugh, but after years of living my dream as an entertainer, I realized the impact was short-lived. I wanted to go even deeper with people. That realization shifted my career and my life forever.

Laughter saved my life.

I studied laughter yoga with the goal of really helping people reconnect to their spirit and reignite that fire within. I trained with world-renowned physician Dr. Madan Kataria (who founded the Laughter Yoga movement in 1995), and became a certified Laughter Yoga teacher. I also studied positive psychology and its effects on human behavior because I wanted to learn how to transform the deep sadness and pain in myself and in others.

In 25 years of experience and training, the most valuable thing I learned was that with the right tools, drive, and desire, anyone can choose happiness. The benefits of this path make me grateful every single day. I get to help people release damaging stress, reconnect with their joy, and even manage chronic pain.

This work has helped me empower others and have fun doing it. How lucky am I? I hope lucky enough to share it all with you. It’s so much easier than you think. I’d love to show you how some simple tools can create phenomenal shifts in your life.

Let’s get connected!


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