About Beth Bongar: The Happiest Workshop Leader

Welcome! I’m Beth Bongar…

I’m here to share the gifts I’ve learned about how to manage stress and be happy, no matter what happens or how you feel. 

Even if….

If…I don’t get the job, if  he or she doesn’t loves me,  if my health doesn’t  gets better,  if i don’t lose 10 Ibs.,  if  (insert your own if here)…


I know because I spent much of life doing just that –  thinking about Happiness as Conditional: i’ll be happy if/when…..

I wanted to share the life-changing practices I learned at California Institute Of the Arts in the Drama department and with Dr. Madan Kataria, founder of the Laughter Yoga movement. They taught me how to practice living in my own body and mind as a grateful, highly imperfect human being–capable of choosing happiness at any time regardless of the challenges I face, connected to myself and to others and to the world around me in a real and mindful way.  They taught me how to manage stress, anger, and other destructive coping habits that when left unchecked, threaten my health, well-being and everyday productivity.

Is this a tall order? Not at all it turns out. The exercises I’ve learned and developed are simple enough for complicated people like you and me. And so they’re truly within each and everyone’s reach.

One of my favorites is Yum Meditation: Yumming (related to humming) with a delicious bit of dark chocolate for just long enough to break a smile (about 10 min). Anyone can do it, which is what I love about it. And, it’s simply…delicious.

So for the last five years, I’ve been doing just that: sharing what I’ve been given. 

I teach CEOs, private clients, caregivers, managers, the elderly and infirm, the young, the old….and teams within huge companies how to achieve their highest “happiness factor”. Why? So they can be at their best: more productive, more creative and more connected. I offer engaging and memorable workshops, training sessions, keynote presentations, and one-to-one sessions. I haven’t heard any complaints yet.

“Even our large convention audience managed to stand up, stretch, smile and breathe under her direction; became willing to make contact with people at their side. Beth Bongar exudes happiness, which is contagious. A talented speaker who knows how to share the Gift of Happiness with the world, Beth is one of the true pioneers spreading her original recipe of Laughter, Joy and Happiness.” (Director, Dharma & Yogafest 2013)


beth BWportrait copy

Beth Bongar aka Laughing Diva

Beth Kaplan Bongar (aka Laughing Diva) is a phenomenon: an icon, actress, healer, teacher, author, mother and one of a small band of pioneers on the planet working with the healing power of Breath and Gratitude. She has dedicated her life to the Practice of Happiness for decades.

Beth is focused on proactively building psychological well-being and resilience. She takes an active role translating psychological research into practical action for individuals and organizations. She has been healing people with the power of laughter and joy all her life. At 19, she ran away and joined the circus and became a professional Ringling Bros. clown. She also studied mime with Marcel Marceau and attended the California Institute of the Arts. She has worked with numerous well-known coaches, including Stella Adler, Sheila Gray and Elizabeth Browning.

Authentic, Funny, Loving, Often Outrageous. Beth Kaplan Bongar can bring her fantastically fun, positive, energetic Happiness Workout to your company in order to change the outlook of managers and employees within hours.

Beth’s magnetic, positive style and endless energy have inspired and provided real health benefits to thousands of people worldwide. She performs in workshops for national corporations, hospitals, older adults, college students and children. Her enthusiasm and compassion have brought relief to those suffering from chronic pain, depression, stress and grave illnesses. They learn to use The Happiness Blueprint to manage pain, boost energy, increase focus and improve their overall ability to deal with stresses and challenges.

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  1. Great site ! ! You look maahvelous +love the cat eye glasses .. Hugs Jason .. now get your butt in chocolate gear high priestess of yum drops !

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